RC-20 RetroColor

Quickly add character and analog warmth to any track or mix. RC-20 Retro Color is a creative effect plugin that easily recreates the warm feeling of vintage recording equipment. It adds life and texture to any recording, and also works perfectly in any modern production setting.

Noise Generator

Add life and texture with one of RC-20’s many noise types, from subtle vinyl crackle and tape hiss to ambient studio noise, electric circuit hum and stompbox static noise.

Wobble & Flutter

Wobble adds pitch inconsistencies associated with unstable playback on analog gear, like vinyl record players and tape machines.

Saturation & Distortion

Add everything from mild saturation to raging fuzz with one of RC-20’s many distortion types.

Degrader & Bitcrusher

Recreate the sound of vintage digital gear like old-school samplers, and the unmistakable way limited sample rates and bit rate reduction color sound.


Add depth and width to your tracks with RC-20’s tailored reverb module.

Volume Drops

Reproduce the wear, tear and volume loss associated with recording and playback on tape and tape recorders.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/file/sDMHlI5Z#NUWatY5O4rEiP4FJqK1q7ZXjG_NjHuibh7rUpL-nb3Q

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